What eSports Betting Options are There?

No matter what type of games we are undertaking, we like for them to have a lot of options. eSports betting is no different, as there are a number of different options for those who wish to bet to pick from. These include games, outcomes and even which team will be knocked out of the game first. Join us as we explore the eSports betting options that are out there for players.

eSports Betting Sites

The increase in the popularity of betting on eSports means that more sites wish to offer these bets. They basically want a slice of the eSports betting market, as it is extremely lucrative for businesses. This means that players can select from groups of eSports betting sites and build up an idea of which ones they want to play with.
The first thing that you’ll want to make sure your eSports betting site has is the correct licencing. This will help you to make sure that your bets are protected and that you will be paid out for your winning wagers. If your chosen betting option doesn’t have this in place then you may lose out on your winnings.
It’s then important to think about how you would like to fund your eSports betting account. This could be with a card, alternate payment method or even with your phone bill. The more steps you take to guard your payment the better, if possible you don’t want to give your card details out directly. Just make sure that the eSports betting site also offers you a way to withdraw without handing out your card details too.

eSports Betting Games and Wagers

The types of bets that you can place will be dependent on the game and tournament, so do your research beforehand. If you want to be able to place side or novelty bet, then make sure the eSports betting site you pick offers them. The variety of bets changes on sites, some offer a lot of different ones and others just offer straight wins.
The amount that you can place on a game will also vary, as some have lower minimum bets than others. These can be combined on a bet slip to create one transaction and checkout, so you don’t need to pay for every single bet. If you’re new to betting in general then there will usually be a quick guide on a site that you can use to get started.
Then, you will need to decide which game you would like to bet on, though this is more fun than difficult. Many eSports betting players just pick the games that are coming up soonest, no matter if they know much about them or not. As eSports tournaments aren’t always bet upon, it can be a while before one comes up for your chosen game. For that reason, many players just bet on the next one upcoming, as there’s less waiting around. Most of the bets are self-explanatory too, so you don’t need to do a lot of research.