eSports Betting

eSports betting can be complex if you’re new to the concept, as there are many aspects to consider. Everything from the game to the type of bet that you place will vary widely, you can learn all about these here. Join us for the no nonsense guide to eSports betting!

How to Pick an eSports Betting Site

The first thing that you’ll want to do is select a site that you want to place a bet with. eSports betting sites are quite common but you’ll want to have a look around to find a good one. This includes looking for eSports betting bonuses, as you want to be rewarded for your time on the site.
If an eSports betting site has a loyalty scheme then this is even better, as it will mean you are rewarded consistently. These generally count up the amount of wagers that you make and then reward you based on your overall spend. This is a great thing to see on a site, as they mean that the site likes to reward their players well.
Their promotions area might also have some special bets that you can make on upcoming matches. One off free bets and guaranteed wins are common, as these are in place to entice new players. These will give you the option to try out the eSports betting site without as much risk, as they add bonuses into your balance.
These add on extra chances to win too, so they might even allow you the chance to place a winning bet that you may not have otherwise. These are always appreciated by players, just make sure that you check the terms and conditions for all the information that you need. These will include wagering requirements and any expiry dates that you need to be aware of.

What eSports Betting Games are there?

There are hundreds of organised leagues for eSports gamers, with national and international ones out there. These will focus on different games or aggregate a number of games into one place. They’re most popular in Asia, so if you want to stream them on an eSports betting site then you’ll need to take the time difference into account.
Games like League of Legends, Counter Strike, Starcraft and World of Tanks are all used for eSports betting tournaments. These can be competed in as a single player or as a group, some of which reach celebrity status. They’re well known for their prowess, if you do your research then you can even learn things about them that may be pertinent to the match at hand.
This allows you to think about your eSports betting decisions carefully beforehand, or you can simply place bets on the players that you like the look of. It’s an interesting experience to say the least, then you can watch the match and really enjoy the action. It will most likely keep you at the edge of your seat as you watch the fun unfold, will your prediction come true?