What eSports Betting Options are There?

No matter what type of games we are undertaking, we like for them to have a lot of options. eSports betting is no different, as there are a number of different options for those who wish to bet to pick from. These include games, outcomes and even which team will be knocked out of the game first. Join us as we explore the eSports betting options that are out there for players.

eSports Betting Sites

The increase in the popularity of betting on eSports means that more sites wish to offer these bets. They basically want a slice of the eSports betting market, as it is extremely lucrative for businesses. This means that players can select from groups of eSports betting sites and build up an idea of which ones they want to play with.
The first thing that you’ll want to make sure your eSports betting site has is the correct licencing. This will help you to make sure that your bets are protected and that you will be paid out for your winning wagers. If your chosen betting option doesn’t have this in place then you may lose out on your winnings.
It’s then important to think about how you would like to fund your eSports betting account. This could be with a card, alternate payment method or even with your phone bill. The more steps you take to guard your payment the better, if possible you don’t want to give your card details out directly. Just make sure that the eSports betting site also offers you a way to withdraw without handing out your card details too.

eSports Betting Games and Wagers

The types of bets that you can place will be dependent on the game and tournament, so do your research beforehand. If you want to be able to place side or novelty bet, then make sure the eSports betting site you pick offers them. The variety of bets changes on sites, some offer a lot of different ones and others just offer straight wins.
The amount that you can place on a game will also vary, as some have lower minimum bets than others. These can be combined on a bet slip to create one transaction and checkout, so you don’t need to pay for every single bet. If you’re new to betting in general then there will usually be a quick guide on a site that you can use to get started.
Then, you will need to decide which game you would like to bet on, though this is more fun than difficult. Many eSports betting players just pick the games that are coming up soonest, no matter if they know much about them or not. As eSports tournaments aren’t always bet upon, it can be a while before one comes up for your chosen game. For that reason, many players just bet on the next one upcoming, as there’s less waiting around. Most of the bets are self-explanatory too, so you don’t need to do a lot of research.

Can I Use eSports Betting Sites from My Smartphone?

We use our mobile phone for everything these days from making texts and calls to browsing different forms of social media. If you are already an avid online casino player, you will probably already know that you can play the majority of all your favourite online games like slots, table games and scratch cards straight from your mobile, but did you know that eSports betting sites are also mobile friendly?

Will My Smartphone Work with eSports Betting Sites?

If you have an iOS or Android smartphone, then you should be able to play on eSports betting websites. As this is new, ground-breaking online casino technology, it is not surprising that some people are a little wary of it and do not understand it fully. However, we’re here to put all of the doubts to bed and let you know that the majority of eSports Betting sites work from your phone which is great news for a lot of players. Mobile gaming has been significantly on the rise over the last few years so it would be a little silly of these games were not made mobile compatible too. Imagine how many players who only play from their mobile phones would miss out on these exciting games!
The majority of online eSports betting sites have no actually developed mobile betting apps for players to use which makes them even more convenient when playing from your mobile phone! Plus, their sites are now more mobile friendly than ever so you really shouldn’t run into any difficulties when trying to play your favourite games online. Normally you’ll find with these mobile betting apps that there are loads of eSports betting options and this includes being able to stream live games, place live bets, use their live chat to contact the customer support team should you run into any difficulties, access all of your account information and the mobile apps also make it extremely easy to make deposits and withdrawals to the site. We give a big thumbs up to any feature that will speed up the boring parts and give you more time to enjoy playing all of your favourite games!
Before signing up to an eSports betting website, be sure to double check that they offer a mobile app if this is a necessity for you as the website should state whether this is an extra feature that they offer their players.

How Can I Deposit with My Smartphone to an eSports betting website?

There is a tonne of ways to easily make deposits to an eSports betting website through your smartphone. Some of the more recognisable options include payment solutions such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, of which many of these also have a mobile app to easily manage your payments. These are by far the fastest, and one of the safest ways, to deposit money into your online account. If you prefer, players can also still simply use their debit or credit cards.

Becoming an eSports Betting Champion

Most of the fun of eSports betting comes from winning big, something which you’ll get accustomed to as time goes on. If you want to learn how to become an eSports betting champ then follow our handy hints and tips. These will take you from zero to hero in no time.

Steps to eSports Betting Success

Of course, our guide won’t mean that you win every time but these eSports betting tips should greatly improve your time online. Just follow them and you’ll be on the road to success.
The first pillar to your success is to decide how much you would like to spend. If you set out a budget and stick to it then you will be less likely to overspend on an eSports betting site. This isn’t something that you want to end up doing, as it can cause a lot of problems in the long term. If you have trouble budgeting then try using a payment method that caps your deposits, like Paysafecard or phone bill payments.
Next up, use comparison sites to find all of the best odds for you. Just select the eSports betting match that you want to place your money on and watch the odds roll in. These have all generally been vetted by the site before they send users there, but it’s always worth doing a little extra research.
Getting the best odds is a pretty big step, as they could make a huge difference when it comes to getting paid out. This can be the difference between winning a lot or winning a little, so make sure you have a good shop around. Of course, only play at licenced sites as illegal sites may have better odds but your odds of getting your money are slim to none.

Cashing out in eSports Betting

If you’re accustomed to regular sports betting then you may be familiar with the concept of cashing out. This basically means quitting while the going is good and your predictions are coming true, before the match is actually over. You’ll get a reduced rate of odds if you cash out but it can be better than losing your bet entirely in the case of a last minute change of fate.
This is an option on some eSports betting sites too, but you have to be careful in how you use it. If you cash out at the right time then it can be helpful, but you could prevent yourself from winning even more if you do. Like many forms of gambling, cashing out in eSports betting is a bit of a risk but does come with rewards, it’s up to you to decide when to do so.
eSports betting can offer you a whole new way to play and even introduce you to a brand new hobby. As long as you are careful with your security and spending, you can have fun online using these sites. Just check one out and you may be their next big winner.

CS:GO eSport Betting Options

The world of CS: GO eSport betting is highly intriguing and can present some great lucrative payouts if you know what you are doing. We’ve put together this guide which talks you through some of the key points of CS: GO eSport betting and what you need to know before making any real bets. Counter Strike: Global Offensive promises some big betting options if you know what you are doing. Our advice is to immerse yourself in the game and familiarise yourself with the top players. Doing your research will be highly beneficial and is sure to help you out when betting on the odds of highly publicised tournaments.

The epic original Counter Strike game amassed a global following that continues to inspire fans today. Counter Strike Global offensive is one of the most popular first person shooter games and now offers players the chance to gamble at the same time. With eSport betting taking the world by storm, CS: GO eSport betting is definitely on the rise. We thought we would put together a handy guide on CS: GO eSport betting which talks you through the main betting options and some simple tips and tricks to get the most out of CS: GO eSport betting.

Why Use CS: GO eSport Betting?

The reception for the reboot of Counter Strike was overwhelmingly positive and Valve sought to publicise the game to its eager online fan base by creating professional tournaments which offered huge prize funds. CS:GO tournaments are extremely popular and a huge percentage of the community now try to make it into these professional battles. This popularity did not go unnoticed by bookmakers and eSports is fast becoming more and more popular with regards to CS: GO eSport betting. With CS: GO eSport betting you are basically placing a bet on the outcome of a round of the Counter Strike game. Counter Strike is played in teams and each team will battle it out until the round is over. The popularity of this game has led to it becoming one of the most played professional games.
Highly popular CS:GO players become known for a specific play style, which is very good news for those looking to enter the world of CS: GO eSport betting. Big Valve-sponsored teams now play in special tournaments throughout the year and the majority of bookmakers will now let you make bets on the outcome of these special tournaments. With a huge plethora of eSport betting option now offered at certain bookmakers, CS: GO eSport betting is becoming a highly popular betting choice.

How to Use CS: GO eSport Betting?

In order to get starting with CS: GO eSport betting, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the game before looking to make any specific bets. Taking part in a few rounds of Counter Strike yourself is a great way to start familiarising yourself with the different teams that exist on the market. Learning about the game is a huge advantage as it will allow you to understand the different gaming styles used. The reputation and style of the player you’re looking to bet on will have a direct impact on the odds you’ll get on different matches. We’d recommend doing some research on the top players before diving into the world of CS: GO eSport betting.
Generally, if you use an odds comparison site, it’s not difficult to find out which teams are pegged to make it to the Counter Strike finals. It’s easy to get carried away when betting on anything, so make sure to set yourself a specific betting budget before entering into CS: GO eSport betting.

CS:GO eSport Betting Guide

Overall, these are just some of the things to consider when looking to begin CS:GO eSport Betting. Beginners should research the format and setup of the game and then begin looking at some of the more prolific Counter Strike online teams that you can bet on. Use search engines to discover when tournaments that you can bet on are coming up. The bigger the tournament, the higher the chance for some big betting options. We hope this article has helped you understand the basics of Counter Strike betting. Good luck and we hope you win big betting on the game of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

eSport betting is becoming more and more popular with a lot of online games now becoming available for gamblers to place wagers on. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of these games and the massively popular first person shooter offers a platform for people to gamble on. CS:GO eSport Betting is on the up as a result so we thought we would compile a small guide of how you can find CS:GO eSport Betting options on the internet. There are several ways to do this and the eSport betting market is very much in state of development.

CS:GO eSport Betting Options

When it comes to gambling, most bookmakers will let you gamble on pretty much almost anything. eSports are becoming more and more popular and with regards to CS:GO eSport Betting, the basic concept is that you can place a bet based on the outcome of a round of Counter Strike. Counter Strike players play in teams to battle each other until the round is over. Due to the rising prominence of eSports, some players have become so prolific at Counter Strike that their team has become pretty famous on the internet.
This has led to big teams facing off against each other in special tournaments and many bookmakers will now let you gamble on the outcome of these rounds of Counter Strike. We checked many prolific bookies and found that a lot of these companies are now beginning to offer customers plenty of eSport betting options. CS:GO eSport Betting odds can be found on certain bookmakers and the key is to understand the market and bet on teams that you think are going to win. This can take time so we wouldn’t recommend CS:GO eSport Betting for Counter Strike novices.

CS:GO eSport Betting: How To

For those that have at least a basic understand of the game then you can begin to look at specific bets on several bookies. Using an odds comparison site is a good way to find the best odds and CS:GO eSport Betting is now available on several online bookmakers. If you want to get involved with eSport betting then this is actually a great game to begin learning. Playing the game is actually a good way to understand how it works and then you can familiarise yourself with the different teams that exist on the market.
CS:GO eSport Betting can be frustrating when you lose so using tips websites can also be beneficial in the medium to long term. CS:GO eSport Betting can net you big profits once you have a good base knowledge of the game. Of course CS:GO eSport Betting is just like any other gambling in the sense that there are plenty of risks involved. Remember to set yourself a CS:GO eSport Betting budget and stick to it. If you run out of funds then do not try to cover you losses and always aim to gamble responsibly when betting on eSports.

Can CS:GO eSport Betting Yield Substantial Profits?

CS:GO eSport betting can net you some big wins if you are careful in how you place wagers. The key is to understand the more prominent teams that exist playing Counter Strike and choose your CS:GO eSport betting options accordingly. This will give you the best possible chance of winning real cash and then you may find yourself winning more than usual. eSport betting isn’t for everyone so be sure to read up on the basics before choosing this as your gambling method of choice. There are other alternatives out there that might suit your gambling style more appropriately. However, for the right punter eSports betting is the perfect choice.

First of all, CS:GO is a term used to describe the massively popular FPS computer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The video game is part of the Counter Strike franchise and the series has gone from strength to strength over the last 15 years. CS:GO eSport betting is a modern way of gambling and individuals can now gamble on the predicted outcome of a round of Counter Strike. The key is to understand the market before using CS:GO eSport betting options and this can be done in a number of ways.

CS:GO eSport Betting: The Basics

The first thing that you need to understand before getting involved with CS:GO eSport betting is the structure of the game. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the latest instalment in the Counter Strike franchise and the game was originally released in August 2012 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Mac. Mostly, players will gamble on the PC and Mac versions of the game and the game is played for fun and competitively all over the world. This has led to many Counter Strike teams gaining a following due to their skill at the game. CS:GO eSport betting allows you to bet on various tournaments and on prolific teams that play the game on a regular basis.
CS:GO eSport betting can yield profits if done correctly but just as with any type of gambling, there is a significant risk involved. That is why players need to be aware of how different teams and tournaments operate within Counter Strike. A good base knowledge of the game can also help you win big. The more knowledge you have, the higher the chance of choosing winning CS:GO eSport betting options. Existing players will already know how the game works so can use their base knowledge of the game to gamble.

CS:GO eSport Betting: More Info

After you have decided on how you want to bet on Counter Strike, you have to find a betting platform that has your desired bets on offer. An online bookmaker is the way forward so using Google to find a bookmaker that accepts eSports bets is a good way to begin. Additionally, an odds comparison site can help you find the best odds, ensuring that you get the most for your money. There are plenty of online bookies to choose from so take the time to find the better ones.
Once you have found the ideal bookmaker you can begin to place bets. Remember to look out for welcome offers on an online bookie if you are new to a site and this may even allow you to claim a few bets for free which could get you up and running on CS:GO eSport betting. Remember, to allocate a budget and start out small so that you can get used to how CS:GO eSport betting works. Then you can begin to work your way up to higher betting amounts if you wish.